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At we are passionate about live experiences. No other marketing channel allows to connect humans as events do. Events emotionalize attendees, enable true learning and are the perfect place for networking and sales connections.

Live experiences, however, have been notoriously difficult to measure. Often times event marketers took a qualified guess what might work for their event and their audience - up until now.

Better event experiences for everyone is a software company that helps trade show organizers, event owners and agencies to transform experiences from guessing to knowing to acting. There is a wealth of information hiding in the data of your events just waiting to be discovered. We help you see your data and make you act on it to optimize your events.



Data and analytics to personalize experiences


Real-time data to optimize events whilst they happen

Sales growth

Actionable reports for sales from event activities


Your events provide plenty of data already, we provide the platform and services to uncover it

Our solutions capture attendee insights along the entire planning process; pre, during and post event.
Through hundreds of supported events, we have gained valuable data-driven best practices, which form the foundation of our strategy, best practices and products.

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