Imagine you could optimise an event whilst it’s running or even before it happens.

Now you can. We provide real-time insights to event organisers when they need it most for maximum impact.

Imagine every one of your event attendees could experience a truly personalised journey.

Now they will. We provide individual behaviour analysis and predict meaningful next engagements.

Imagine your sales teams could follow-up on leads without hesitation - at the event, or the day after.

Now they can. We provide actionable insights into event attendees with clear recommendations based on attendee preferences and engagement.

What we do

We are a Berlin-based software company focusing on intelligent solutions that learn, sense and interact with the world around them. Our approach combines human expertise and machine learning in a single platform to turn data into actionable insights.
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Human expertise

Heuristics and best practices are at the core of our processes to define clear targets and actions
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Artificial Intelligence

AI helps us discover groups within audiences and unexpected coherences
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Semantic Cloud

We designed the largest experiential engagement database to put data into context
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Actionable Insights

Through this workflow, we create reports that are actionable and deliver against defined targets

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